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2024-2025 applications now open

Deadline Jan

all applications submitted after Jan 31st will go to the waitlist

Burnaby North Hockey Academy will accept applications in January each year. Applicants must complete the full application form. Each student is required to put a full effort into the application process. The application must be completed by the student not the parent. Acceptance to Burnaby North Hockey Academy is not a first come, first serve process. Burnaby North program coordinators will select students that best meet the requirements for the program.

Please include with your application the following information: reference letters, personal achievements, copy of your most recent report card.

Burnaby North Hockey Academy is looking for elite attitudes, not necessarily elite skilled players.

Prerequisite requirements: Players must have at least 4 years of organized hockey experience. Players are required to play on a regular club team. 

The cost for the program is $225 per month. Parents are welcome to submit 10 postdated cheques to help reduce the up front cost.

Burnaby North Hockey Academy is not for all players. The effort and dedication to school and hockey is at a very high level. If you are a dedicated student and athlete, Burnaby North is a great choice for your success.


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